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classic british comedyNineties has been described as one of the decades which produced most popular comedies in Britain. The comedy classics of 90s are still a hit with many, both young and old, the decade was great for British TV comedy. One of the reasons that has been given is that the commissioning editors then were more than willing to accept raw and untested talent, they were willing to take risks through accepting comedians who have not be in the mainstream and out of that great sitcoms were created out of this. The risks that the commissioning editors took through hiring untested talent yielded great fruits through producing shows which stood the test of time and are still popular among different populations, both in Britain and other parts of the world. One great show after another, the audience was happy, it wanted more and the production teams did not disappoint, they gave them what they wanted comedies that made Television viewing a popular pass time activity.

Here is a list of some of the British comedy classics of nineties:

One of the comedies that took Britain by storm is the Bob and Vic sketch shows which were aired on BBC. In numerous occasions, the comedy was voted as the best, it has been described as anarchic, clever, ridiculously silly and inventive. Each of the thirty minutes episodes had comic features that no act could manage, even when compared to the kind of comedy being produced today, the show scores highly. Vic and Bob continue to produce great shows up to date, they have continued with the good work, meaning their acts have stood the test of time. Alan Partridge was in the same class as Vic and Bob show. The show was both entertaining and thought provoking, the story line was real, it reflected the British middle class, the kind of problems that they go through as they struggle with their daily lives. The show made the audience sit at the edge of their sits, an end of the episode or series was met with a disappointment, they always waited for the next show, eagerly and pregnant with expectations. Brass Eye was another comedy show that ruled the nineties, it had a great following. The show has been described in several occasions as brilliant and brutal and one that brought a lot of controversies.
Father Ted , comedy classic of nineties was the best sitting comedy ever, it brought a new perspective in terms of humour, it made life enjoyable, its fan were always glued to their screens, this was a period when television viewing was the in thing and comedy were the most interesting shows , they never disappointed in making life easy especially after the hard times of the week or the day. The league of Gentlemen may not have been an everybody’s favourite but for those who love horror especially when it is done in a comic way, it did not disappoint at all. It delivered what the audience wanted, a thrilling show which always left the audience wanting for more. Many are of the opinion that the show was on its own league and none other has ever matched its standards in terms of entertainment and thrill.
Newman and Baddiel may not have started their show in a positive note, it was slammed by many when it first appeared on TV but with time the duo became a household name, releasing great and amusing shows which always left the viewers in stitches. To them, they were delivering the best medicine to the audience, humour, well packaged such that it could even heal those who were suffering from terminal ailments. A good, hearty, belly deep laughter always awaited the audience in any of the episodes.

The Joe and Adam Show was another great comedy show, where two comedians Adam Buxton and Joe Cormish literally turned their flaws and limitations into strength. They filled their budget deficits with inventiveness and enthusiasm, they wowed their audience. The show was an obsession, the young and the old found fun in it, it offered great entertainment, it still remains a great show to many, a repeat of the same would see a greater audience following it from its beginning to the end, it is a true indication that the nineties comedy was something and the comedians were talented, they audiences were never disappointed.

The French and Saunders would score highly is a great show of the nineties, if it was to be ranked it would be among the top ten comedy classics. The two talented comedians, Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French have been described as the funniest people of their time, they were what any comedy show fan would ask for , they were extremely funny, one could not move an inch while watching the show , all eyes and ears were glued to the TV sets for the whole duration of the show, no one wanted to move lest a moment gets past them. If there were characters that one would like to befriend, it was the talented and lovely actors of the nineties show , Spaced.


They were just something special; they made the show so lively that they were voted several times as the best comedians in Britain. Although the actors moved on to bigger things most of their fans still remember the moments when they could rule their households, when every member of the family , from the young to the old fought for space in their living rooms just to have a glimpse and get all the jokes that they cracked. These guys will for ever have a place in their fans heart, they left a mark and a strong one for that matter, most of the nineties comedies lovers still look for their shows, they are truly great, have stood a test of time.