British comedy classics 70s


British comedy classics 70s

If there is a decade that humour ruled the airwaves, it was in the 70s. The decade has been described by many comedy analysts as when side spitting funny comedies ruled the airwaves. There was so much talent in British, comedians just made life interesting, some of the comedies which were made during this period are still hot today, people would love spending sometime glued to their television sets watching the kind of action that made people laugh close to five decades ago.
The comedians were immensely talented and funny, and they came from all parts of British, from Warren to Lenny, from Mitchell to Benny. The audience never got enough of these comedians; they were always screaming for more, from the old to the young, the comedians were hilarious and consistently funny.

Here is a list of the comedies that ruled the airwaves in the 70s, and they are not arranged in any order.

1. Fawlty towers: The comedy was aired in Britain between 1975 and 1976, although it was short lived, the show has been described as one of the best in the decade. It was all about the mismanagement of a hotel in Britain. It had a cultic following from both the young and the old, people would not miss it for anything. It was not only a hit in Britain; it became a household name in other parts of the world where it is being re run by some of the television channels. Fawlty towers is one of the most celebrated television show , the story line was just amazing , the fans could not get enough of it , they kept on asking for repeat of the shows and the television channels did not disappointment , most of them carried repeat series with a tag , "back by public demand".

2.Benny Hill show: Although Benny Hill show has been show run from the 50s to the 90s, the 70s was the best decade for the hilarious and funny entertainer Benny Hill. The show was a hit, it was loved in all corners of Britain and indeed all the parts of the world. The show in the 70s was a major prime time item, just when everybody has settled and ready to be entertained for the rest of the night. The show was the talk of the time, everybody did not want to be left behind, all the fans had a story to tell, they wanted to relate to the entertainer. The show is still popular today, people are still buying the DVDs , especially for the annual shows of 1970s,this is a total proof that Benny Hill was a hit and its now a classic comedy of the 70s.

3. The best of not the 9 O’clock News: The show was run in BBC starting late in the 90s. It brought out the controversy, made fun of the social evils that existed at the moments. The show did not only make the fans happy , it was also a launchpad for several careers, there are many actors who shot to fame out of their appearance in this classic comedy show, the likes of Rowan Atkinson , Pamela Stephenson and Melsmith catapulted to fame courtesy of this comedy show. The great comedy show has been described by many as fantastic work, one that will stand the test of time, and true to this, the show still pulls crowds, DVDs are on high demand from both the young and the old, each wanting to catch a glimpse of the comedians who made the 70s such a great time.

4. The Best of Spike Milligan: Spike Milligan started off in the Radio comedy and later graduated to television shows. His show on BBC was described as the best comedy to have been released in the post war Britain, and true to this his show was liked , in all the corners of Britain and the world at large, everybody wanted to have a piece of this classic hit. People, who watched the show, ended up buying anything that was related to the show, parents would but the war memoir books as well as other literature that was featured in the show. The show is what many described as a "can’t miss" when one missed a single minute of the show, that would be described as a huge loss, missing an episode meant buying somebody who watched the show a cup of coffee or a beer just to be brought up to the spend with what transpired during the whole scene, it was that serious. The show continues to attract viewers, people are flocking the DVDs store to buy it among the other comedy classics.

5. Ripping Yarns: The comedy starred the likes of Michael Palin, David Griffin, Peter Graham and Michael Stainton. The show touched on various themes; school bullying, football, prison life and war. These are some of the most entertaining themes of the season. The show was rated 15, meaning that it was for the young and the old too, it did not disappoint, it gave the best entertainment, keeping families glued to their television sets. The funny characters of the show made life very interesting; they were not only funny but also brought entertainment to a whole new level. The comedy classic would enjoy the same cultic following if it was repeated today, I am sure that the parents would like to reminisce how the 70s were and the children would like to see the kind of shows that kept their parents happy and I am certain that they would love it too.

6. Another popular show was the Rising Damp, it was produced by the Yorkshire Television as a sitcom. The show first aired on TV between 1974 and 1978, it starred the likes of Richard Beckinsale, Leonard Rossiter, Don Warrington and Frances de la Tour. The show won several awards and proved to be a hit among the fans. It has remained popular up to date with some of the episodes being played in different channels across the world. These are not the only shows that ruled the airwaves in the 70s there are many other that made the life enjoyable, they still remain popular and are truly British comedy classics of 70s.